aircraft bed and breakfast reality (sort of) thanks to KLM

For whatever reason, KLM Airlines has decided to give Airbnb users the chance to spend the night on one of their aircrafts. I'm not talking about one of those dreadful overnight flights with your seat neighbor coughing on you and the baby behind you crying while you try to get even a couple minutes of shut eye on a plane that is way to small for the number of people on it.

My apologies, i was getting off track there. Let me get back to the good... KLM announced the other week that they were going to take a retired aircraft and turn it into an Airbnb style apartment. All you had to was sign up through their site and tell them why you want to stay the night in a KLM plane. 

I do give them credit though, they went all out, removing seats, installing flooring, a TV, cabinets, etc. to make you feel right at home.